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Pumpkin Patchin’

There is basically nothing better than spending an October Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Luckily the rain held off as we took Eleanor out to find the perfect pumpkin. Of course she wanted the biggest one she could find! She was more than ready to take home every pumpkin she saw (me too for that matter), but we settled for just three.

It was sooooo cold yesterday so after we wandered around the farm and got our pumpkins we went and had dinner at a local brewery to get warm and cozy. Perfect. We stopped for coffee on the way home and then snuggled up the rest of the evening gazing at our pretty pumpkins and watching the Office.
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We decided to go to Roloff Farms to get our pumpkins since it isn’t too far from where we live now, and because I have followed Audrey Roloff’s blogs (beating50 and aujpoj) for a while and thought it would be fun to support their family and see the farm in person. I did get to meet Audrey briefly and she was so so lovely! I honestly love the example she and her husband are for Christ, specifically when it comes to Christian marriage and relationships. So. good.

Now, all I need to do is hang some more twinkle lights and make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Fall, you are so so so welcome in the Noble house.

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