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This one time at an apple orchard

I know, everything is on the brink of winter and everyone is posting their Christmasy goodness. But I took a million photos this fall that I love and am finally getting around to editing. And I just want to post my favorites okay? Okay. These are from about a month ago. We picked apples for .38 cents a pound and had ourselves a ripping time. I dare you not to love an Oregon apple orchard in the fall.

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Crescent City cabin for the win

It took us about three hours to get from Grant’s Pass to Crescent City. We checked into our cabin and baby E and I promptly took a nap. While Matt took the opportunity to work on his residency application.

We LOVED our stay at the KOA in Crescent City. It was incredibly close to lots of Redwood National Forest trailheads, so it was a great home base of sorts while we explored the redwoods. Our cabin was actually right next to a huge redwood stump that was almost as big as the cabin itself! This KOA kinda reminded me of summer camp. In a good way.The cabin was perfect. It was very cozy and just the right size for our family of three. The front porch swing was our favorite feature. Baby E loved it! We didn’t take advantage of the awesome fire pit in front of the cabin but we totally will next time we stop here. Because, let’s be honest, we’ll have to come back. It was just too lovely.

The other super charming thing about this location was the proximity to the beach. Crescent City has some stunning ocean views. Our first night there we ate at The Chart Room and Marina and had the most incredible fish and chips as well as an awesome walk along the marina. It was hilarious watching baby E watch seagulls. Then we went to a nearby lighthouse and saw the sunset. It was truly breathtaking.

So there’s some photos of our trip through the Redwoods and more cabin photos on deck for this week. SO many photos…Matt and I love looking back through the photos we’ve shared here. So there you go. They must be posted.

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Happy Yurting


After such a cold and cozy time at Crater Lake we were drove a few hours south west to Grants Pass where we had reserved a yurt for the night. The campground was really close to the town and since we didn’t bring food with us besides sunflower seeds and coffee, we drove to town for dinner and some wifi.

It was kind of rainy and cold and the yurt was toasty warm. We slept in and had coffee and oatmeal before hitting the road again. There’s just something wonderful about waking up in a drizzly quiet campground and sipping coffee with your bedhead husband and baby and just being.

Next stop, Crescent City!

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Hey, It’s Crater Lake

20150915-crater-lake-oregoncrater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5322crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5297crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5310crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5319crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5314crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5315crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5305crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5327crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5331crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5333crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5336crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5340crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5349crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5352crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5354crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5361crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5371crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5379crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5381crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5383crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5405crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5406crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5417crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5419crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5423crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5424crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5427crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5428crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5430crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5434crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5435crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5437crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5443crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5444crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5449crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5453crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5459Just keeping it REAL.crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5466crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5467crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5470crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5471crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5472crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5480crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5484crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5486crater-lake-oregon-20150915-BZ7A5489

You guys. Crater Lake was COOL. Here’s how the story of our trip there began.

We’ve had ourselves a little road trip to California and we zigged and zagged our way from home (McMinnville, OR) to Fairfield, CA where Matt is doing a family practice rotation. Our first stop on this little adventure was Crater Lake. I’d never been and Matt was a kid last time he visited so he needed some fresh memories of this GORGEOUS place. We throughly enjoyed the drive and came into the park through the North Gate. There was still smoke wafting through the forest from the forest fires. Kinda cool and eerie. Matt had downloaded the Martian from, so we were in an intense book tape listening situation when we rolled into the park. Eleanor was sleeping and we parked at the first view point and took turns leaving the car to see the lake.

Holy Moly this place is stunning. It is imposing and rugged and it’s the kind of place that makes you feel small. Praise of God’s incredible creativity welled up in me as I looked on. I actually gasped when we first caught a glimpse of the sweeping view. We drove to the next view point and I grabbed the camera and an extra coat, because dang, it was cold and windy. After I snapped a few photos I was ready to return to the car, my fingers could hardly work the trigger that’s how cold I was, when I saw Matt and Eleanor coming up to join me. She had woken up from her nap but her coat and hat were packed away in the trunk so Matt had wrapped her up in our wool blanket and put my beanie on her. So looked like sleepy from Snow White.

We decided it was too cold for the baby (and me) to stay outside so we drove until we found the lodge. The Lodge. It was all fireplaces and rosy cheeked hikers with wine and cushy leather chairs. Dreamy. I think that sometimes the sweetest memories are made when you leave room for spontaneity and adventure. We were chilled and craving coffee and we found the perfect place to warm up and and snap a million photos of baby E. We spent close to two hours enjoying coffee in the lodge and taking in the view of the lake in those cool rocking chairs. It was such an unexpected and lovely addition to our trip. We really want to go back and maybe spend a night at the lodge someday.

I am sure that there are some amazing hikes around the lake and probably even some more wonderful day use areas and viewpoints accessible by car. But I quite preferred the quick and dirty way we did Crater Lake.

Up NEXT on our road trip adventure, a little yurting in Grant’s Pass!

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I’m right here.

kira-coffee-portrait-hawaii-2959This has been the craziest summer ever. Navigating it all. Being a mom and a support and sounding board for Matt as he auditions for residency. Photography. So much travel. We haven’t had a meal at home, sitting in our dining room in what, like two months?
It’s all very exciting and it can feel overwhelming at the same time.

So I find myself here. Just embracing the crazy. Learning to hold fast to the things that matter and to let go some of the things that don’t.

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