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Crescent City cabin for the win

It took us about three hours to get from Grant’s Pass to Crescent City. We checked into our cabin and baby E and I promptly took a nap. While Matt took the opportunity to work on his residency application.

We LOVED our stay at the KOA in Crescent City. It was incredibly close to lots of Redwood National Forest trailheads, so it was a great home base of sorts while we explored the redwoods. Our cabin was actually right next to a huge redwood stump that was almost as big as the cabin itself! This KOA kinda reminded me of summer camp. In a good way.The cabin was perfect. It was very cozy and just the right size for our family of three. The front porch swing was our favorite feature. Baby E loved it! We didn’t take advantage of the awesome fire pit in front of the cabin but we totally will next time we stop here. Because, let’s be honest, we’ll have to come back. It was just too lovely.

The other super charming thing about this location was the proximity to the beach. Crescent City has some stunning ocean views. Our first night there we ate at The Chart Room and Marina and had the most incredible fish and chips as well as an awesome walk along the marina. It was hilarious watching baby E watch seagulls. Then we went to a nearby lighthouse and saw the sunset. It was truly breathtaking.

So there’s some photos of our trip through the Redwoods and more cabin photos on deck for this week. SO many photos…Matt and I love looking back through the photos we’ve shared here. So there you go. They must be posted.

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Happy Yurting


After such a cold and cozy time at Crater Lake we were drove a few hours south west to Grants Pass where we had reserved a yurt for the night. The campground was really close to the town and since we didn’t bring food with us besides sunflower seeds and coffee, we drove to town for dinner and some wifi.

It was kind of rainy and cold and the yurt was toasty warm. We slept in and had coffee and oatmeal before hitting the road again. There’s just something wonderful about waking up in a drizzly quiet campground and sipping coffee with your bedhead husband and baby and just being.

Next stop, Crescent City!

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Anthony + Sarah’s Romantic Mountain Wedding


This is how their story goes. On May 15, 2003 he said “Hello.” Then they started counting the days. Day 1, their first date. Day 94, she kissed him. Day 119, he said, “Be my girlfriend.” Day 156 he said, “I love you.” Day 3,944 he asked and she said, “Yes!” Day 4,384 was last Saturday. The day that Anthony and Sarah said, “I do.”

And what a day it was. Every detail was carefully planned and carried out by the bride and groom and their friends and family. From the gorgeous handmade tables and eclectic table settings to the sweeping dance floor and bridal bouquet. It was all truly a labor of love. A beautiful culmination of those 4,384 days. The mountain hills were misty and the dance floor was painted in muddy foot prints by the end of the night. It was truly a gorgeous day. Every second of it. Matt and I were so blessed to be a part of it! Thank you Anthony + Sarah! So much love!

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The flower crown I never wanted to take off

We found the best new Easter tradition. Have a yummy brunch and proceed to make glorious flower crowns with your besties. It was ridiculously fun. Also, maybe the cutest thing ever making a tiny flower crown for Eleanor. The whole time I was making hers I was envisioning Easters to come when she’ll make her own and maybe even help her little sisters (a mama can dream) make theirs too. Of course, the next logical thing to do after making pretty crowns is to model them. The flowers were so fragrant and the conversations were wonderful. I highly recommend this activity.

(Some of the flowers were foraged from our yard and some were bought at the grocery store. The only other supplies were floral wire, floral tape and scissors. The inspiration for our crowns was found HERE.)

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