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Pumpkin Patchin’

There is basically nothing better than spending an October Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Luckily the rain held off as we took Eleanor out to find the perfect pumpkin. Of course she wanted the biggest one she could find! She was more than ready to take home every pumpkin she saw (me too for that matter), but we settled for just three.

It was sooooo cold yesterday so after we wandered around the farm and got our pumpkins we went and had dinner at a local brewery to get warm and cozy. Perfect. We stopped for coffee on the way home and then snuggled up the rest of the evening gazing at our pretty pumpkins and watching the Office.
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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetnoble-pumpkin-patch-5774

We decided to go to Roloff Farms to get our pumpkins since it isn’t too far from where we live now, and because I have followed Audrey Roloff’s blogs (beating50 and aujpoj) for a while and thought it would be fun to support their family and see the farm in person. I did get to meet Audrey briefly and she was so so lovely! I honestly love the example she and her husband are for Christ, specifically when it comes to Christian marriage and relationships. So. good.

Now, all I need to do is hang some more twinkle lights and make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Fall, you are so so so welcome in the Noble house.

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South Beach Birthday // Part II


When we arrived at the park on Friday night, we unpacked our duffle bags, firewood and groceries into the yurt. I couldn’t help but pause and take in a deep breath. There was an oddly warm breeze and I could see a thousand stars and it smelled like smoke and sea salt and juniper all mingled together. It is most likely the best thing I’ve ever smelled. I loved our cozy little yurt. We brought our coffee maker and some a freshly ground light roast…which made the two (somewhat cold) mornings positively cozy.

For part of the day Matt needed to study…so naturally I spent some of that time taking self portraits…

{If you missed it, HERE’s Part 1!}

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South Beach Birthday // Part I

So here’s the deal. The Oregon Coast is always gorgeous. Always awe inspiring. And the beach in the winter is just delicious. We spent the last days of January in Newport to celebrate my 26th birthday. We got a yurt at South Beach State Park and soaked up the gorgeous sunshine. It was in the 60’s the whole time! We took a nap on the beach the first day and I swear it might have passed as summer afternoon.

There were just too many photos to put in one post, so I’m splitting up this trip into three parts. Here goes part one:


We spent the day relishing in the sunshine and exploring the beach; watching all the surfers and the sunset from the jetty. Then walked from the beach to Rouge Brewery for dinner. After dinner we shared the most magical walk back to the campground. The sky was perfectly clear and we kept stopping to look up at the stars. I didn’t want the day to end. It was a pretty stellar Saturday Date.

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Saturday Morning Date: Hey there November…

AHHH! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. It feels like ages. November has been seriously beautiful in our neck of the woods. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. Sweaters and tea and lots of cozying up with Christmas movies…I mean…it’s bad. I’m just so excited for the up coming holidays.

For our date last Saturday we did something I’ve been longing to do for a while now. You see, there’s this thing that has happened to me since becoming a photographer. It’s a feeling that I was trying to describe to Matt’s mom recently. And the best way to explain it is, I have an ache. I have this gnawing ache in my stomach when I see something that I just know I need to photograph. Does that in any way make sense? I get this feeling like, I love this moment and I have to have it. And most of the time, I have some sort of camera handy and I do. I photograph the ache-giving moment.

So here’s where this weird feeling applies to our date. There is a country road near us that I frequently take as a short-cut into the neighboring city (I frequent this road mostly because Target is in the neighboring city…can I get an amen…) And this road, it just may be the holy grail of country roads. The trees. The barns. The quaint farm houses. The fields and grazing cows.

I’ve been dying to take photos along this road for a long time. So on Saturday, we took our time. Matt stopped the car and found a place to park at each little spot I’d been dreaming of photographing. It was literally the perfect time to take photos. The morning was a straight up mixture of rain, wind sun and charcoal gray skies.

saturday-morning-drive-5825saturday-morning-drive-0001saturday-morning-drive-5902saturday-morning-drive-8301saturday-morning-drive-8305saturday-morning-drive-5826saturday-morning-drive-0002saturday-morning-drive-5843saturday-morning-drive-0003saturday-morning-drive-5830saturday-morning-drive-5871saturday-morning-drive-8320saturday-morning-drive-8326saturday-morning-drive-5851saturday-morning-drive-8365saturday-morning-drive-8371saturday-morning-drive-8343saturday-morning-drive-8362saturday-morning-drive-8373saturday-morning-drive-8430saturday-morning-drive-8399saturday-morning-drive-8409saturday-morning-drive-8411saturday-morning-drive-5866saturday-morning-drive-0004Ha! This is how we take pictures….saturday-morning-drive-5859saturday-morning-drive-8417After getting nice and cold outside, we ended up at this fantastic diner for breakfast.saturday-morning-drive-5908

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Just so you know…

The following is way too many photos from our spontaneous date to the beach on Wednesday. The Oregon Coast surprised us. It was supposed to be rainy and it turned out to be absolutely stunning all day. We even got a little sunburned. Heavenly. I could tell Matt was finally able to relax (you know since for last 10 months his routine was studying for crazy amounts of hours) when he took a nap on the beach. Matt usually doesn’t take naps. And usually I take naps enough for the both of us. But this time, Matt took an hour nap on the beach. I went and played tag with the waves and followed footprint trails in the sand and it kinda felt like it was just me and God and this beautiful beach for an hour of quiet.

I also wanted to address our Saturday Morning Chronicle tradition (where take a date every Saturday morning). We’ll probably be taking a break from strictly dating on Saturday during this summer for two reasons: 1) Most of our Saturdays are booked with weddings (HURRAY!) and 2) Since Matt has a summer break, our dates can happen whenever.

We initially started the Saturday morning date tradition, to keep the romance in our marriage alive while Matt took on significantly more hours of class and studying than ever before with the start of med school. Setting aside time for just us was probably the best descision that we made and kept to this whole last school year.

The plan is to keep posting about the fun dates we take this summer and start back up with the Saturday Morning Chronicle when Matt starts classes again in August. Okay? Okay!

Now, I hope you lovelies have a fantastic weekend. We’re off on a camping adventure with our small group from church. There will be s’mores and babies and stargazing. Yes please.

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