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Pumpkin Patchin’

There is basically nothing better than spending an October Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Luckily the rain held off as we took Eleanor out to find the perfect pumpkin. Of course she wanted the biggest one she could find! She was more than ready to take home every pumpkin she saw (me too for that matter), but we settled for just three.

It was sooooo cold yesterday so after we wandered around the farm and got our pumpkins we went and had dinner at a local brewery to get warm and cozy. Perfect. We stopped for coffee on the way home and then snuggled up the rest of the evening gazing at our pretty pumpkins and watching the Office.
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We decided to go to Roloff Farms to get our pumpkins since it isn’t too far from where we live now, and because I have followed Audrey Roloff’s blogs (beating50 and aujpoj) for a while and thought it would be fun to support their family and see the farm in person. I did get to meet Audrey briefly and she was so so lovely! I honestly love the example she and her husband are for Christ, specifically when it comes to Christian marriage and relationships. So. good.

Now, all I need to do is hang some more twinkle lights and make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Fall, you are so so so welcome in the Noble house.

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All that plaid

Tis the time of year for plaid and pumpkin and all that yummy coziness. I was going through my lightroom archives and found this sewing project I did with my mamma around this time last year.

I remember being inspired to make this when I was at my favorite cafe in Mcminnville and I saw a girl wearing a gorgeous loose, plaid peplum tunic (I’m pretty sure it was from Anthropologie). I immediately thought, I can make something like this. And by me, I mean my mom. Because, basically, my mom makes all of my sewing dreams become realities. I couldn’t have done it without her…which is why this post is not a tutorial…because, I can’t even tell you exactly how we did this. I can tell you a few things to point you in the right direction if you’re up for attempting a project like this one.

-Thrift an oversized dress (probably cheaper than buying fabric mine was only $7.99!) The more 90’s teacher vibes the better!
-Size up! It should have plenty of extra fabric so you can make the peplum part out of the skirt.
-Follow a Pinterest tutorial on the rest! HA!

If you’re not into projects like this, then keep scrolling for adorable pics of an eight month old E. SO. Fresh.plaid-dress-repurpose-1406plaid-dress-repurpose-1410plaid-dress-repurpose-1411plaid-dress-repurpose-1413plaid-dress-repurpose-1417plaid-dress-repurpose-1425plaid-dress-repurpose-1428plaid-dress-repurpose-1432plaid-dress-repurpose-1435plaid-dress-repurpose-1445plaid-dress-repurpose-1447plaid-dress-repurpose-1449plaid-dress-repurpose-1450plaid-dress-repurpose-1454plaid-dress-repurpose-1458plaid-dress-repurpose-1459plaid-dress-repurpose-1460plaid-dress-repurpose-1462plaid-dress-repurpose-1465plaid-dress-repurpose-1468plaid-dress-repurpose-1469

I love the final result and when I get compliments on this shirt…I love telling people it’s a thrift store find with a makeover. Happy fall!

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This one time at an apple orchard

I know, everything is on the brink of winter and everyone is posting their Christmasy goodness. But I took a million photos this fall that I love and am finally getting around to editing. And I just want to post my favorites okay? Okay. These are from about a month ago. We picked apples for .38 cents a pound and had ourselves a ripping time. I dare you not to love an Oregon apple orchard in the fall.

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The flower crown I never wanted to take off

We found the best new Easter tradition. Have a yummy brunch and proceed to make glorious flower crowns with your besties. It was ridiculously fun. Also, maybe the cutest thing ever making a tiny flower crown for Eleanor. The whole time I was making hers I was envisioning Easters to come when she’ll make her own and maybe even help her little sisters (a mama can dream) make theirs too. Of course, the next logical thing to do after making pretty crowns is to model them. The flowers were so fragrant and the conversations were wonderful. I highly recommend this activity.

(Some of the flowers were foraged from our yard and some were bought at the grocery store. The only other supplies were floral wire, floral tape and scissors. The inspiration for our crowns was found HERE.)

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Mom Uniform

mom-uniform-20150209-0616mom-uniform-20150209-0623mom-uniform-20150209-0629mom-uniform-20150209-0615mom-uniform-20150209-0631mom-uniform-20150209-0632I’m finding my groove as a new mamma. Getting ready for the day looks a lot different. Basically it consists of early morning feedings and trying to get little girl down for a nap so I can make some coffee, get fed and maybe do something with my hair and face. So getting dressed and deciding what to wear has become quite simplified and I really love it actually. My wardrobe has consisted of oversized white tees, skinny jeans and a few accessories here and there to make the outfit interesting. Or to make the blank canvas of jeans and a tee more exciting I’ll swipe on a bright pink or red lip. It’s not too bad having a uniform I’ve decided.

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