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All that plaid

Tis the time of year for plaid and pumpkin and all that yummy coziness. I was going through my lightroom archives and found this sewing project I did with my mamma around this time last year.

I remember being inspired to make this when I was at my favorite cafe in Mcminnville and I saw a girl wearing a gorgeous loose, plaid peplum tunic (I’m pretty sure it was from Anthropologie). I immediately thought, I can make something like this. And by me, I mean my mom. Because, basically, my mom makes all of my sewing dreams become realities. I couldn’t have done it without her…which is why this post is not a tutorial…because, I can’t even tell you exactly how we did this. I can tell you a few things to point you in the right direction if you’re up for attempting a project like this one.

-Thrift an oversized dress (probably cheaper than buying fabric mine was only $7.99!) The more 90’s teacher vibes the better!
-Size up! It should have plenty of extra fabric so you can make the peplum part out of the skirt.
-Follow a Pinterest tutorial on the rest! HA!

If you’re not into projects like this, then keep scrolling for adorable pics of an eight month old E. SO. Fresh.plaid-dress-repurpose-1406plaid-dress-repurpose-1410plaid-dress-repurpose-1411plaid-dress-repurpose-1413plaid-dress-repurpose-1417plaid-dress-repurpose-1425plaid-dress-repurpose-1428plaid-dress-repurpose-1432plaid-dress-repurpose-1435plaid-dress-repurpose-1445plaid-dress-repurpose-1447plaid-dress-repurpose-1449plaid-dress-repurpose-1450plaid-dress-repurpose-1454plaid-dress-repurpose-1458plaid-dress-repurpose-1459plaid-dress-repurpose-1460plaid-dress-repurpose-1462plaid-dress-repurpose-1465plaid-dress-repurpose-1468plaid-dress-repurpose-1469

I love the final result and when I get compliments on this shirt…I love telling people it’s a thrift store find with a makeover. Happy fall!

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